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At TrioTree Technologies we combine technology , enterprise and innovation to bring you next generation Healthcare Solutions
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Our Story

TrioTree Technologies is one the leading providers of healthcare solutions in India,UK and the Middle-East. Triotree Technologies was founded by a group of doctors and engineers with decades of experience in the healthcare domain. The founders have conceptualised, designed and deployed a variety of large scale systems for the healthcare industry to streamline business operations and to create a framework for clinical and strategic decision making.

Expertise and Experience

At TrioTree we have a brilliant team of doctors and engineers using their rich experience, expertise and domain knowledge to consistently provide you with excellent products and services.

More about our team

At TrioTree we understand the importance of the multiple facets that comprise an enterprise system- hardware and network infrastructure, software functionalities, workflow processes and the people using the system. A firm grip on the granularity of these facets and the ability to provide real world solutions at that level has been the key to our success. At the same time, we have led large teams and contributed to strategic decisions which guided the successful outcomes of several projects. Our skills and abilities are an outcome of working with some exceptional people in the past- we 'stand on shoulders of giants' as we take the best learning from them and our previous organisations who inspire us to continually strive for better.

Clients & Service our priority

Our topmost priorities are our clients and their satisfaction with our products and services. We provide you the best support in the industry to manage your processes and workflows effortlessly

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We are a quality and delivery focused company which can be completely relied upon by our customers. Products and services offered by Triotree are inspired by what we think is our primary responsibility-- people we serve- healthcare providers, patients and payers.

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