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How Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the future of medicine?

With the successful implementation of AI in various sectors now, AI has marked its powerful presence in the healthcare industry. It is not like AI technology is breaking the record but has started the journey to set new records in the medical industry. According to the  WHO survey, there are still 400 million people who don’t even get essential healthcare support and services. Although AI can reduce this number, the only hurdle is its implementation is the need for huge financial support.

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As per researchers, day by day artificial intelligence brings a boom in the healthcare industry. In our previous articles, we explain How artificial intelligence changes healthcare, what is artificial intelligence, Hospital Information system, EHR vs EMR benefits of emr etc...

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Electronic Medical Record Definition, Implementation & Benefits in Hospitals

Previously in the healthcare industry, medical professionals have invested in advanced diagnostic equipment but when it comes to keeping track of patients medical histories, physicians & hospitals still rely on paper & pen. Nowadays, paperwork gets converted into a comprehensive system of electronic medical records by big healthcare game players to improve patient care.Triotree emr software image

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Various healthcare organization uses EMR for increasing productivity, patient registering, improving patient care, error reduction, administrative cost savings etc. In our previous articles, we explain EMR Vs EHR, EHR benefits, Cloud computing in healthcare, Hospital Information System, Virtual Reality, Big data Technology, Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, Medical robots, Augmented Reality, Laboratory ...

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Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Industry: Trends & Applications

Big Data is generating a lot of hype in the healthcare industry. In this modern era, with the adoption of wearable technologies, e-health & mhealth technologies the volume of data get increased in healthcare IT. To reduce healthcare costs various hospitals, research laboratories, clinics etc are leveraging big data analytics. As per research, it is proven that big data in healthcare is used for enhancing the quality of patient care, curing diseases, predicting epidemics etc.

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With the emerging technologies, our healthcare system is improving day by day. In our previous articles, we explain AI changing healthcare, IoT, Augmented reality, cloud computing impact on healthcare, Virtual Reality, Medical robots, Nanorobot for cancer treatment, Hospital information system, laborato...

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Medical Chatbots in healthcare: Introduction, Examples [Guide]

In the healthcare industry, chatbots are currently being used as an assistance to human beings. To answer people automatically these bots are a new type of user interface which takes advantage of artificial intelligence. With the advancement in technology, these chatbots can pre-diagnose your symptoms before you visit a doctor.

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Due to lack of patient engagement, these chatbots are really going to give competition to mhealth technology. In our previous articles, we explain Virtual Reality in Healthcare, Cloud Computing, Mobile technology in healthcare, Hospital information system, Medical Robots, 3d Medical printing, Laboratory information system, EHR benefits, Remote patient monitoring etc in detail. Here we are going to explain how Chatbots improve healthcare, its ways,...

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How Mobile technology changes the future of Healthcare

Mobile health could lead to a paradigm shift in healthcare & prove to be an asset in enhancing patients knowledge & concerns about their health. It allows patient & their doctors to communicate with each other from any place & enables them to keep the track of their patient health. As per researchers, the mobile health market is expanding rapidly, and it is forecasted to reach $58.8 billion by 2020.

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In our previous articles, we explain Telemedicine, Internet of things, Artificial intelligence in healthcare, virtual reality in healthcare, Hospital information system, Augmented reality in healthcare, Nanorobots, Medical Robots in healthcare, laboratory information system, Types of Healthcare, healthcare transformed by technology etc in detail...

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3D Printing Technology in Medicine: Applications & Benefits

3D medical Printing technology brings a new wave of advancement in the healthcare industry & prove to be an asset in developing new medical applications at affordable prices. Medical 3D printing really impacts the millions of lives of people through a variety of medical solutions especially in two areas i.e., in surgery & in the treatment of intractable health conditions. During the medical procedures, physicians prefer this technology to radically decrease the risks of patient life & increase the operations efficiency.

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In our previous articles, we explain Medical robots, Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, cloud computing, Hospital information system, Internet of things, Telemedicine, Secondary Healthcare, Laboratory information System, EMR Vs EHR, Electronic health r...

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Virtual Reality Technology Applications & its Uses in Healthcare Industry

In this era of digitised world, day by day technology spreads their wings in each & every field. In the healthcare IT, virtual reality technology creates a simulated environment & allows the user to interact with the 3d world. As we know reality comes by way of our senses, simply this technology is considered as a combination of sensory information & our brains sense-making mechanisms for that information. Nowadays medical professionals & scientists have been implementing & developing virtual reality in many ways that can help them diagnose, train & treat in critical situations.

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This technology really helps in changing the way of delivering care to patients. In our previous articles, we explain Augmented reality in healthcare,  EMR Vs EHR, EHR benefits, Nanorobots, Artific...

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Types of Medical Robots in healthcare

With the emerging technology, medical robots really change the face of healthcare. To improve the day to day life of patients like helping them to regain her/his ability to walk, helping them to eat etc, lots of robots in the medical field came into existence. In our previous articles, we explain Nanorobots & its applications, Medical Specialities, Augmented reality in medicine, Artificial intelligence benefits in healthcare, Hospital information system, Telemedicine, Remote patient monitoring, Laboratory Information system etc in detail.

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Robotics systems are more responsive to real-time human control than about autonomous operation...

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Nanorobots Introduction and its Medical Applications

A nanorobot is an extremely small robot that is designed to perform specific tasks at the nanoscale dimension of few nanometers i.e. 1 nm = 10-9 meter. In healthcare IT industry, this technology brings a great boom  & helps in protecting & maintaining the human body against viruses or bacteria. Researchers in robotics industry will use the pollution-free process to build cheapest & inexpensive nanorobots.

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To replace worn out units, nanorobots might also produce a replica of themselves known as self-replication.  Other common names of Nanorobots are Nanomites, Nanobots, Nanites etc ranging from 0.01 to 0.1 micrometres. In our previous article, we explain Medical Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Imaging, Virtual Reality, Cloud computing in healthcare, Hospital inf...

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Augmented Reality Technology in Medicine and its Uses

Augmented reality technology haze the line between the real world & physical world by enhancing what we feel, hear see etc. It pulls out the graphics out of the screen & integrating them into the real world environment. In the healthcare industry, it brought great enhancements used for various applications like minimally invasive surgery, pre-operation assessment, rehabilitation etc. According to the digi capital adviser, augmented reality is expected to grow up to a $90 billion industry by 2020.

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Pokemon go based on this technology is the best example of creativity that allows people to fight against obesity. In our previous articles, we explain virtual reality, artificial intelligence in healthcare, cloud computing, medical robots, healthcare meets gaming, hospital inform...

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