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5 Reasons how EHR improves Patient Care in Hospitals

Electronic Health Records or EHR, a new standard in the medical industry are capable of enhancing the patient safety and increasing the quality of care. With the advancement in technology, EHR prove to be very beneficial because it provides accurate & complete information about patient health & medical history at fingertips. In our previous articles, we explain  EMR Vs EHR, Artificial intelligence in healthcare, Healthcare meets gaming technology etc. In this article, we are going to explain how EHR improves patient care, its implementation etc.

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With the continued progress of the healthcare,EHR is considered as the most effective system that can improve, monitor,  and report data on health care quality and safety in various hospitals. As per healthcare information and management system society, ehrs greatly improves the treatment decisions, reduced medical errors or improved outcomes.

EHR improves Patient Care:

Many small medical facilities collect and store patient information on handwritten paper charts. But the advances in technology allow the medical institutions to improve the way healthcare is delivered to patients. Clinical and administrations leaders prefer EHRs to eliminate old paper chart system and improve the patient & public health outcomes.  Here we explain the following reasons why it is beneficial to implement EHRs in Hospitals to improve patient care. Following reasons are:

(i) Medical Professionals give better diagnoses to Patients:

With the availability of Ehrs in hospitals, doctor thoroughly assess patient’s health in less time and reduce the possibility of overlooking some symptoms. Electronic health records that include dashboards help doctors to get patient information like patient medical history, lab results, insurance coverage etc in lesser time. This information will help doctors to make a better diagnosis of the patient’s condition.

(ii) Less Trial and Error:

Sometimes due to non-availability of patient records, doctors prescribe medicines on the basis of the present situation which will lead to problems. To prevent allergic reactions to antibiotics or other medicines, ehrs ensure that the patients receive the right medication. If prescribed drug is not suitable for the patient this record system even warns physicians before prescribing a specific drug. These systems help take human error out of the equation.

(iii) Reduced costs:

With the paper chart system, a patient who visits multiple doctors at a time were likely to pay for services multiple times. With the rising costs of health care and insurance costs, digital imaging and lab work can be expensive. This system will overcome this problem and reduces the cost by sharing the test results across all physicians. Sharing test results will benefit patients because they will not be charged again and their doctors can make a quicker diagnosis.

(iv) Patient record remains maintained:

Normally, depending upon the disease we visit lots of health providers. It is difficult to manage all paper record charts with us as these records do not get consolidated across physicians, specialists, laboratories, and hospitals etc. EHR systems help in maintaining patient records safer and easier. In the case of emergency, patients no need to summarise their medical past, their paediatrician names or lost immunisation record etc because doctors already get information quickly.

(v) More positive health outcomes:

To treat the patient, the doctor had to request patient records from other doctors which result in late treatment. Additionally, patients did not always provide complete information about the type of care they received from other medical professionals. EHRs eliminate this problem and allow doctors to receive complete information electronically from all doctors who have the system. With much more information at their fingertips, doctors are able to make accurate decisions about proper care, which improves the chances of patients having positive health outcome.

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