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Top 5 Best Medical Apps for Android : Brief Description

In the medical field, medical apps have almost taken over every field with the technology advancement. Health care industry got boosted up day by day provides goods and services to treat patients with preventive and curative care. Today’s youth spend most of their time with their smartphones by continuously playing games and watching videos, adversely affects their health and increase obesity level . After seeing how healthcare transformed by technology , healthcare providers thought why not to develop some apps related to health. So they develop lots of health apps and upload them on google play store.

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There are hundreds of health apps available in the market which you can download easily from play store. But it’s not possible to download hundreds of these apps so we do research work on this and come with some all time best health app for android.

Health Apps for Android:

Globally, android phone users are more as compare to another one so we come here with a list of best medical apps for android. Install all these medical applications from google play store and keep the track of your health or your near ones regularly. Following  of medical apps are:

(i) Micromedex:

This app is a simple pharmaceutical app recommends proper drug dosage and medicine. Sometimes you don’t know which medicine is to take and when in this situation this app prove to be very useful. Simply search the name of the specific medicine and find out how and when it should be taken as well as any side effects. For drug recommendation, you can also search by an ailment that will prevent your medical problem.

Click here for Installation: Micromedex App 

(ii) MyChart:

This app gives you access to your appointment information, current medication, medical history etc on your smartphone. You can view all your reports instantly while sitting at home. If you forget about your prescriptions then this app will tell you about your previous prescription along with the last time you visited the doctor. You can easily schedule your visits to the doctor and send urgent messages to your clinic and receive a response within a few days. Sometimes due to cellular outages you are not able to visit clinic but through this app you can see all your information online.

Click here for Installation: MyChart App

(iii) Skyscape:

Many healthcare professionals prefer this app because it provides a highly useful collection of 100s of commonly used medical calculators. It is high quality all in one type android use and is available on all Android operating system versions. OCM (Outline in clinical medicine) comes with a free version of this app and is particularly helps students to learn the new topic in medicine. Periodically it updates the medical news alert, practice guidelines, and authentic solid drug reference like Rx drugs etc.

Click here for Installation: Skyscape App

(iv) UpToDate:

This app is useful for those professionals who studying medicine, interested in medical news and keep the track of medical news and advancement. When you install this app in your smartphone click “What’s new” section for headlines. You can email or bookmark page anytime. provide videos on medical procedures and allows you to start a conversation with a colleague anytime.

Click here for Installation: UpToDate App

(v) Red Cross First Aid:

This app provides expert advice in your hands for everyday emergencies. You don’t know what happens next, similarly, accidents can happen anytime. This app provides the simple step by step instructions to guide you through first aid scenarios, broken bones or asthma attacks. It also provides safety tips regarding natural disasters such as hurricanes etc.

Click here for Installation: First Aid-American Red Cross App

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