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Laboratory Information Management System Benefits & Applications

LIMS or Laboratory information system or Laboratory management system is a software based system used to manage all modern’s laboratory operations. Most of these systems manage the order entry, result in entry, patient check in, specimen processing, patient demographics etc. This system mainly enables the technicians to enter results into a database that is accessible to authorised users when a patient is tested at the hospital, clinics etc.

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For treating & diagnosing patients, the patient lab test result is being linked to individuals electronic health records which provides additional information to clinicians. In our previous articles, we explain Hospital information system, Virtual reality, Radiology, PACS, Artificial intelligence in healthcare, IoT technology, Doctor-p...

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Dementia in Healthcare: Is Treatable or not?

Dementia is not a disease, its a group of symptoms that affects mental tasks like memory loss, problem-solving etc. People suffer from this problem will not be able to think well enough to do normal daily activities like washing, dressing or eating. As you get older, dementia increases, mainly occur in people over the age of 65. In our previous articles, we explain EHR benefits, Primary & secondary healthcare, Virtual reality in healthcare, AI in healthcare, Cloud computing , Radiology in healthcare etc in detail. Here we are going to explain Dementia symptoms, causes etc in detail.

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In the UK, around 800,000  people are suffering from dementia in healthcare. Whenever we enter into the phase of old age, the capability of our thinking will get decrease day by day...

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Laboratory Information system: LISTree Features and Functions

Laboratory information system is a healthcare system that manages, stores and records data for clinical laboratories. Across the world, this system drives and automates the entire workflow of clinical laboratories for healthcare organizations.

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To increase productivity, turnaround time & to decrease specimen handling time this system integrates various lab processes. In a clinical setting, LIS has been designed mainly for reporting and processing the data related to individual patients.

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History of LIS:

In late 1960’s , due to lack of proper technology and communications between different users, Massachusetts General hospital develops the software system for managing time and perform data management functions...

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Hospital Information System- HISTree Features

In Healthcare IT industry, Hospital Information system is an integrated information system used to manage the clinical, financial, legal issues and administrative aspects of a hospital. Today’s lots of companies who work in this domain will provide service of hospital information system to small, midsize or large hospitals at a large level.

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Hospital Information system Architecture:

In a client-server model, all types of hospital information system are supported for processing and networking. In a Public health territories, Enterprise HIS with internet architectures has been successfully deployed and designed to improve access to patient information through a central electronic information system...

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