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Chot lagi mujhe, main gaya Hospital
dekha to front office pe chal raha tha total
socha ki Emergancy lu kya ADT
but kya karu front office pe Nayak sir ki thi Duty

phir soccha ki chalo In-patient ho jaoon
aur ja kar registration karaoo
Triotree ka HISTree tha wahan par
maine kaha ab nahi mujhe worry yahan par

Gaurav sir ne kaha generate hogi tumari UHId
that will remain your future ID
do mintue me mil gaya doctor schedule
kyonki doctor schedule mein tha Ankur sir ka Rule

Admit ho gaya aur mil gaya bed
boli nurse now take full rest
bedside procedures and investigations the nirale
because uske peeche the Ramesh sir Kanpur wale

bhukh lagi toh kuch samajh me nahi aaya
thanks to Hement sir, finally diet chart hi kaam aaya
medicine ki availability thi achchhi
kyonki inventory me Naresh Sir ke proc...

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The enigma of being binary

When the Indian scholar ‘Pingala’ thought of us, ‘the binary system’, he wouldn’t have imagined about the revolution he was going to create. Pingala’s work being in the BC era definitely signified a divine interference, a spiritual assistance to define this innovation.  All the subsequent work on the binary representation by Shao Yang, Francis Bacon, Gottfried Leibniz and subsequently by George Boole (the father of Boolean algebra) only took the revolution further. With the advent of computers, almost everything today ultimately happens because of us i.e., 0 and 1. But today’s blog is not about all the technology and mathematical evolution-to-revolution theory. It is about the embarrassment and pain of being a 0 and a 1. The qualm of being binary. Yes, we also have a story and a sad one...

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Plan to fail or fail to Plan…. the dichotomy

Disclaimer: Project Managers, Program Managers or wannabe project managers, be warned and please stay away from the material presented below. Please don’t read any further because this article will question the very basic PMP principles. If you still want to go ahead, please do at your own your own risk.

Just a few days back, got up in the wee hours of the morning when the entire world was sleeping (well almost), to work on the GO-LIVE plan for a client which was supposed to go live with one of our products…. A flash back strolled ran through my mind of several meetings and planning sessions which I was party to throughout my career. Hour by Hour plans, pre-requisite plans, resource plans, support plans, communications and, those which I hated the most, contingency plans...

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Misunderstanding – a tragic disease

An evangelist of “Healthcare – IT” that I am, it was a strange urge from within to write something which is beyond my usual workstream. The force was just too tempting and here I am writing about a common disease that plagues each one of us, in one form or the other, at some stage or the other- “Misunderstanding”. To begin with, it has nothing to do with miss or with understanding instead it is a lack of it.

In human intercourse the tragedy begins, not when there is misunderstanding about words, but when silence is not understood. — Henry David Thoreau ”

Misunderstanding (pron.: mis-uhn-der-stan-ding, a noun, plural misunderstandings). The dictionary meaning of misunderstanding is

n  A mistake as to the meaning of something; erroneous interpretation; misconception.

n  A disagreement; dif...

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Swadeshi Healthcare…. What India Needs?

Got up early in the morning and saw Delhi still under the clasp of SMOG. The pollution was so dense that I had to struggle to find my kitchen. Not sure if SMOG had entered my house or my thoughts. Wanted to be entertained and hence switched the TV on as it the best form of entertainment today. I guess, those perennial, almost spiritual words that Vidya Balan had said “Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment, E3, are ubiquitous in everything today. Had heard someone say that “Journalism is a business of truth” but given the fast paced life we are into, it has only remained “Journalism is a business” with no time for “truth”. More on this later as that is not the intent of this blog...

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EHR…. The Holy Matrimony

My wife had been complaining of mundane and monotonous life since last few days. When my ophthals (eyes) saw a nice young couple at a traffic signal with a nice bio-chemistry that evening while returning home. The microbiological elements in me ignited my endocrinal passion. As soon as my legs touched the homely surface, I was prompt in asking my cardiology head, my wife, to plan for one complete day off.  She was surprised with my inordinate gesture and looked at me like a doctor seeing a patient at the last stage of cancer. With disbelief, and an ethereal kindness in her retinas…. she exercised her oral muscles and said something that felt as if someone was trying to do a colonoscopy without sedation…...

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Nursing Informatics

Nursing is a profession within the healthcare sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) states nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations.

In this paper, I am trying to highlight what nurses actually do in Indian Healthcare Scenario based on my experience from small private hospital to large corporate hospitals...

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EHR – Distinct from its cousins

If you analyze the progress made of by human beings on this planet, you’ll find an impressive record of inventing sophisticated machines and of progress in understanding the world around us. From airplanes to space travel, from scientific achievements to the management of infrastructures, humans have developed complex systems of knowledge management. However, when one looks at the management of health issues, there seem to be gaps. For instance, while we are used to having detailed records on buildings, cars, machines, household devices, etc., humans have very inadequate health maintenance records...

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Watch this space!

We at TrioTree plan to upload the latest we find and know on our subject matter. And of course we value your time so we intend to be concise and precise.

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