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Healthcare Meets Gaming Technology

Gaming in Healthcare IT industry has become a next biggest trend. With the advancement in digital technology, gaming in healthcare industry  aims to bridge a gap between entertainment, medicine, technology and education.As per research most of the Americans believe that gaming could potentially change the view of people towards healthcare. Through this  patients will seriously/ actively look over their heath and allows doctors to improve their medical training.

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Gaming and healthcare are correlated with each other and  grows more with the interactive technologies. Games for health are available in every form like a computer, mobile, video game console, online television, CD-ROM/ DVD etc. Directly or indirectly games change the behaviour of the patient within a second and help them to come out of their trauma.

Game categories that improve human Health:

There are lots of games available in the market, for health well being. Here we discuss five categories of games that can improve human well-being. Following are:

(i) Mind Games: 

Games like puzzles, mathematics tricky come under this category improves the emotional and cognitive health of human good being. Sometimes doctors prefer to the patient to play these games  to treat disabilities and mental disorders.

(ii) Motion Games:

These type of games tracks the body movement or reaction of people. These games make people more active,focus and prove to be useful to fight against obesity & other variety of disorders and disabilities. Following examples of these types of games are Xbox Kinect, Ubisoft’s Just dance series, Nintendo’s Wii Fit etc.

(iii) Rehabilitation Games:

Under this category following games related to physical therapy, occupational therapy comes. Florida southern college using the Wii fit to rehabilitate athletes recovering from major surgery or injury. These type of games raise the standard of the healthcare sector and treats patients without any medicines.

(iv) Participatory Health games (Educational):

Some people are lazy and not look over their health seriously. Through these games, patients become more active in their own care and learn new things. By installing medical apps in their smartphones they actively take part in treatment programs in an interactive and fun way. Even patients learn more about intake quantity of nutrition,protein etc and knows how to stay healthy.

(v)  Medical Education and Training :

Above four categories of games mainly focus on patient health but not only patient, doctors can even  benefit from gaming as well. Doctors can easily give or take surgical training, professional training through gaming apps. As per research, Breakaway Ltd has developed various serious games for healthcare like a game for dental students. At the medical college of Georgia, this game allows students to practice dental implant procedures in a virtual, realistic, and 3D environment.

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One of the exciting examples of a game is Pokemon Go which brings an instant boom in the gaming industry. This game is the best example of creativity that allowed healthcare gamification to drive healthier behaviour. This game proves to be very good to fight against obesity.

Coin has two faces similarly, gaming can have many uses and benefits. After reading this article hope the myth regarding  gaming has changed the minds of parents. With all the new possibilities of where gaming can go, we will see more and more integration with the health care industry, so expect lots of exciting changes.

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