Hospital Information System- HISTree Features

In Healthcare IT industry, Hospital Information system is an integrated information system used to manage the clinical, financial, legal issues and administrative aspects of a hospital. Today’s lots of companies who work in this domain will provide service of hospital information system to small, midsize or large hospitals at a large level.

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Hospital Information system Architecture:

In a client-server model, all types of hospital information system are supported for processing and networking. In a Public health territories, Enterprise HIS with internet architectures has been successfully deployed and designed to improve access to patient information through a central electronic information system. The main purpose of HIS’s generation is to track the patient health flow and its accessibility for health care providers and doctors. Technology enhances their wings in each and every field and changes the vision of people like by sitting at your home you can view your laboratory test results, doctors information etc anytime. Not only, patients, doctor’s can easily access patient information, previous prescriptions, test results etc.

For information management, HIS is composed of one or more software components with specific extensions like LIS, RIS etc and utilize standard software products with industrial and market standards such as relational database management systems based on SQL language or oracle databases, Unix operating systems, c programming languages etc.

We also have our own Hospital information system namely HISTree to provide a common source of information about a patient health history.


HISTree is an enterprise hospital information system performs day to day operations very easily and smoothly. Through this system, we can easily track the patient information, prescriptions, medical history, operations, patient laboratory test results etc.  It also provides detailed MIS reports and analytics capabilities enabling you to take critical business decisions with one or more healthcare providers. The workflow of this system starts from an enquiry by a patient to discharge includes doctor fee calculations, account receivables, EMR for clinical departments, insurance management and option to integrate with any financial accounting system that might already be in use.

Features of HISTree:

In Healthcare IT industry , this information system just like a lifeline of healthcare providers. Following of its features which make it different from others are:

  • Patient record Access control
  • User Friendly
  • Ultra scalable
  • Quick Application performance
  • Tightly linked workflow based system
  • Drill down MIS reports
  • Scanned reports in a single patient file
  • Clinical documentation with minimal typing
  • Highly Configurable based on requirements
  • Extensive Audit trails

Benefits of Hospital Information System:

For data transfer and interchange we didn’t require any standardization but with the HL7 initiative,the system is standardized by ISO i.e., International organization for standardization. Following of its benefits are:

  • It reduces transcription errors and duplication of information entries.
  • Enhances information integrity.
  • Easily monitors drug usage and lead to a reduction of adverse drug interactions.
  • Eliminates errors caused by manual work.
  • To take information from server or cloud server this new technology computer system plays a vital role.
  • Accurate and efficient administration of engineering, diet of the patient, finance, and distribution of medical aid.
  • Reduces overstock problems, official documentation errors such as tax preparation errors, conflict of scheduling personnel.
  • Enhance the ability of healthcare professionals to coordinate care by providing a patient health information anytime they want.

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