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How Virtual Reality change the Face of Healthcare

Virtual reality is a combination of both virtual & reality i.e. it refers to a specific type of reality emulation. It creates a sensory experience which can include hearing , smell, touch, and sight. In a virtual environment, each and every person have their own opinions after experiencing virtual reality. In our previous articles, we explain how artificial intelligence changing healthcare, Healthcare types, Healthcare transformed by technology etc.

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Virtual reality slowly came into existence in every field like in games, healthcare etc and prove to be very efficient. Generally, it tracks the user motions especially his head or eye movements and adjusts the image on the user display to reflect the change. In this article, we are going to explain Virtual reality in healthcare with a brief description.

Virtual Reality in Healthcare:

Sometimes in our life, we want to do lots of things but actually, we are not able to do it. Virtual reality technology makes it possible to do those things and will bring a boom in the market. Due to good scalability, decreasing costs healthcare field is one of the biggest adopters of this technology. With this technology, medical VR has not only changed the imagination of science fiction fans but also the real life medical practitioners & clinical researchers. Let’s have a look how virtual reality changes or transform the Healthcare.

(i) Relaxing patients with medical virtual reality:

Whenever we suffer from a big disease and have to stay at hospital rooms for a couple of days then we got frustrated and want to move away. We feel like no one is nearby, there is nothing to do and starts missing our family, friends etc.

After seeing this, Brennan Spiegel & its team at the Cedars-Sinai hospitals in Los Angeles introduced VR worlds to help their patients to come out of their stress, depression etc. Through this technology, patients remain busy, starts recover fastly and reduces the length of the patient stay in the ward.

(ii) Monitor Patients during Surgery:

From the past few years, medical surgeons encompass the Virtual reality technology in the training of surgeons to shorten the learning curve of some operational procedures.

Physicians at Angers University taken a step towards this technology by mapping the brain during neurosurgery. Surgical teams create a virtual environment without a single point of focus to monitor the patient sight. While monitoring, they observe the patient brain reaction to objects in their peripheral vision and keep the sight intact in the weeks of the following surgery.

(iii) Helps to overcome Phobia:

Virtual reality technique is proving to be a very efficient technique helps patients to come out of their phobias. Researchers say that each and every one has suffered from different types of phobias. It usually an anxiety or panic reaction to a particular situation or object which is often out of proportion to the potential threat it poses.

Different types of phobia such as Social phobia, Acrophobia, Fear of driving, Trypanophobia etc got treated with the help of virtual reality. Like if someone suffers from social phobia don’t want to go outside their homes, doctors use virtual reality glasses and make feel them that they are in malls doing shopping, interact with people etc.

(iv) Patient Fast Recovery after a Stroke:

Sometimes patients who survived from a traumatic brain surgery or stroke takes lots of time to recover back. They are in the mid of the sea means to regain their lost functions they start rehabilitation. For all this therapy, not works, for them, doctors uses virtual reality technology.

MindMotionPro allows patients to practice how to move their fingers or lift arms with the help of virtual reality video. The main function of virtual reality apps is to motivate and engage patients in all such activities with visual and auditory feedback. Researchers found that through this application traumatized nervous system recover much faster than lying helplessly in bed.

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