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Artificial Intelligence Benefits & Applications in healthcare

For improving healthcare, artificial intelligence in medicine is a great idea that can advance the patient communication and healthcare professionals. AI mainly enhance the capacity to process & store large amounts of data in an intelligent manner and translate that information into functional tools. To make sense of unstructured data, AI uses complex computer algorithms & puts a wealth of information at providers fingertips.

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As per researchers, day by day with emerging technologies artificial intelligence infuses the modern healthcare system & generates new insights. In our previous article, we explain hospital information system, laboratory information system, Virtual reality, PACS, Radiology, cloud computing, Best Medical apps etc in detail...

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Top 5 Medical Technologies changes the Future of Healthcare

Medical Technology and the latest advances in the medical field really raise the standard of healthcare. There are lots of great things are going worldwide in medicine & health care to deliver faster, cheaper, more efficient patient care . In our previous articles, we explain hospital information system benefits, virtual reality in healthcare, laboratory information system, Remote patient monitoring, Wearables, the doctor-patient relationship, EHR, Emr description etc in detail. Here we are going to explain Top medical technology advances that change the face of healthcare in detail.

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Nowadays with the emerging technology, patients get affordable & efficient care anywhere anytime they want. Whenever we search the internet, we saw lots of new advances in the medical field...

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Laboratory Information Management System Benefits & Applications

LIMS or Laboratory information system or Laboratory management system is a software based system used to manage all modern’s laboratory operations. Most of these systems manage the order entry, result in entry, patient check in, specimen processing, patient demographics etc. This system mainly enables the technicians to enter results into a database that is accessible to authorised users when a patient is tested at the hospital, clinics etc.

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For treating & diagnosing patients, the patient lab test result is being linked to individuals electronic health records which provides additional information to clinicians. In our previous articles, we explain Hospital information system, Virtual reality, Radiology, PACS, Artificial intelligence in healthcare, IoT technology, Doctor-p...

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Sepsis Definition and its Causes, Symptoms,Treatments [Guide]

Sepsis is a life-threatening disease kill 40,000 or more people in the UK. It may be caused by the body’s overwhelming response to a blood infection which may lead to injury or organ failure, increased metabolic rate, blood clotting etc. Depending upon the situation of an individual sepsis can attack anywhere either inside hospitals or outside hospitals. In our previous articles, we explain Dementia, cloud computing in healthcare, IoT, Wearables in Healthcare, Telemedicine, Remote Patient Monitoring, Artificial intelligence, Radiology in healthcare etc in detail.

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According to CDC ( Centres for disease control & Prevention), there are more than one million of cases of sepsis in America kills thousands of people each year. Let’s have a look at sepsis symptoms, causes, tre...

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Remote Patient Monitoring in Healthcare: Applications & Benefits

Remote patient monitoring system brings a boom in the healthcare market. It allows the healthcare provider to collect the medical & health data of an individual and transfers it to the clinical staff such as doctors,nurses etc. This system proves to be an asset for various stakeholders of the health care system for chronic disease management at remote locations. In our previous articles, we explain Telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, cloud computing, Iot in healthcare, Hospital information system, healthcare transformed by technology in detail. In this article, we explain patient monitoring system devices, applications etc in detail.

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Over 15 to 20 years, the use of remote monitoring system in conjunction with the electronic health record could save the heal...

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Top 5 Gamechanger Wearable devices in healthcare

With the emerging technology, wearable devices have greatly become the game changer in the healthcare field. Today’s internet of things makes healthcare smarter by integrating smart wearable medical devices to the internet and shows individual health in real time. In our previous articles, we explain sensors in healthcare, Radiology, PACS, Digital imaging in healthcare, Artificial intelligence changes healthcare, Emr description, Benefits of Hospital information system, Telemedicine in healthcare etc in detail. In this article, we are going to explain the top most smart wearable devices in healthcare in detail.

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Several decades ago in hospitals, all patients records are maintained manually but nowadays our smart minds have developed various software which removes the burde...

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Hospital information system in hospitals: Integration & Benefits

For health system, an efficient and flexible Hospital information system play a vital role in hospitals. HIS is also known as clinical information system specially designed to manage the clinical, administrative and financial aspects of a hospital. To manage all information related to the patient record and hospital inventory , all hospitals rely on hospital information system software.

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Today’s modern information systems typically use computers, each one is connected to each other by an optimised network. In our previous articles, we explain digital imaging & radiology in healthcare, Laboratory information system-LISTree, Emr description, EHR benefits, Telemedicine in healthcare, healthcare transformed by technology etc in detail. Here we are going to explain the importance...

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Telemedicine in Healthcare IT: Services, Types & Advantages

Telemedicine is the service provided by various health care provider to treat those patients who were located in remote areas, not able to visit hospitals or clinics. It allows two-way communication between patient and healthcare provider supported by various integrated medical devices. It proved to be an asset for those people who lives in a distant place.

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To improve the healthcare quality, technology really spreads their wings in this industry. In our previous article, we explain the Doctor-patient relationship, PACS in healthcare, Impact of cloud computing, Hl7, sensors in healthcare, Hospital information system-HIStree, Primary healthcare in detail. In this article, we are going to explain how Telemedicine changes the healthcare industry in detail.

Role of Telemedicin...

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How HL7 brings new innovations in Healthcare

HL7 or Health level 7 is defined as a set of standards, definitions & formats for transfer & exchange of administrative or clinical data between software applications. In OSI (Open system interconnect) model in networking, these standards focus mainly on the application layer. These standards generally send health-related information in form of one or more messages includes patient records, billing information etc.

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The International standard organization has produced HL7 standards and allow various healthcare organizations to share clinical information.In our previous articles, we explain Healthcare technology trends, EHR benefits, Iot in healthcare, sensors changing healthcare, Virtual reality, Artificial intelligence in healthcare, Hospital information system-HISTree et...

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How Smart Sensors change the Future of Healthcare

In many industries, sensors have played a vital role in detecting chemical, biological, physical signals etc. In healthcare, to deliver care directly to patients sensors provide the mechanical vision for reading, counting, sorting & robotic guidance. In this article, we are going to explain the role of Role of sensors in healthcare, its technology, and applications etc in detail.

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Sensors can collect the patient data dynamically to stimulate preventive care, diagnostics etc & measure treatment results. In our previous article, we explain how virtual reality changes healthcare, cloud computing impact on healthcare, EMR vs EHR, Digital imaging technology, BLE- Iot platform for Iot device etc in detail.

Future of Healthcare: Sensors Technology

Nowadays, Iot being a game changer...

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