Role and Responsibilities of Nurses in Hospitals and Healthcare

In healthcare system like a doctor, nurses also play an integral role in serving the care to patients. As per the doctor’s instructions, nurses managing the caseloads of patients with intense care need and guides them. In recent years, the nursing profession is not considered good but nowadays it is one of the demandable profession requires lots of dedication to work. In our recent articles, we write about Doctor-patient relationship,EHR & its benefits, Healthcare types, Digital imaging in healthcare, Hospital information system- HISTree , Emr Vs Ehr etc in detail. 

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The main role of a nurse is to maintain a report of the patient about their health recovery so that doctors can treat or diagnose them. Most of the people do not appreciate the nurse’s responsibilities, they thought they are just doctors assistants. To guide these types of people here we are going to explain the role and responsibilities of the nurse in healthcare.

Role of a Nurse in Healthcare:

In Hospitals, after doctor consultation & diagnosis, nurse work begins. She mainly focuses on helping patients and meets their needs including emotional, social, physical, cognitive & spiritual. Nurses facilitate patient optimal wellness, health and functioning in the care of communities, individuals, families etc. Let’s go through some responsibilities of a nurse in hospitals and healthcare.

Nurses play multiple roles in healthcare and hospitals depending on the unique needs of the patient at a time. Following of its role in healthcare are:

(i) Communicate with patients:

In hospitals, lots of people visit in a day either from village or city. People who are not educated required more consultation care as compared to educated one because it’s a matter of someone’s health. For this purpose, effective communication in the healthcare system is necessary that can improve outcomes in the healthcare environment. The nurse has the responsibility of communicating with the patient and clears their doubt because if the communication is not effective, the healing process will be inhibited.

(ii) Take care of Patient Safety:

Nurses play a vital role in patient safety. After the doctor visit or diagnoses, it’s nurse duty to prevent medication errors and ensures patients receive the correct treatment & therapy. In the case of fall or skin breakdowns, her responsibility is to provide proper safeguards. As per patient condition, he/she is charged accordingly, nurses are more likely to recognise inefficiencies and recommend a change if necessary.

(iii) Caregiver:

Nurses take care of their patients in hospitals like a mother take care of their children. The care afforded depends on the needs & requirements of a patient. The care delivered to a patient depends on the stage of illness like if someone suffers from cancer require more care than a person suffers from normal fever.

(iv) Being a Teacher of patient:

Nurses teach patients about their health and medications. Sometimes a patient will be  confused about certain procedures & steps, nurse clears all doubts like a teacher. In the Europian Union, nursing will be availed to patients at subsidised rate who possess an Ehic Card. Her main task is to convince their patient to take of themselves because if he/she take care of themselves than they can recover very quickly. The role of the nurse in patient care is to deliver 100% patient satisfaction.

(v) Act as a Patient Advocate:

This role has been considered as the most important of the nursing roles. The main objective of management is to ensure that the care provided is affordable or sufficient and allows the nurse to take care of patient rights. Generally when a patient is not well, then its nurse duty to determine the exact needs of the patient. Like an advocate, she has to enquire each & everything about patient  health & take care of it.

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