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Cloud Computing Impact on Healthcare Industry

Cloud Computing Definition:

Cloud computing is an internet-based technology that provides shared  processing data and resources to the computer and other devices.It allows users and enterprises to store and process their data in third-party data centres. Due to this technology, various businessmen & consumers can easily use applications without installation and access their files from any computer with internet access.

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Through cloud technology, users can access their Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo mail etc at any anytime with internet access. In consumer-oriented applications such as financial  portfolios, this computing performs tens of trillions of computation per second. In our previous articles, we explain how healthcare transformed by technology, healthcare meets gaming, H...

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6 Proven ways how Healthcare transformed by Technology

In Healthcare IT industry, the technology spread their wings in a great way.  The advancement in technology has brought a boom in the healthcare industry. To help patient immediately doctors usually prefer medical translation tools and mobile applications like “Save our Seniors ”  app for elders etc. To determine vital signs of a patient problem, their medical information etc uses portable devices. healthcare technology image

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To find innovative ways in health care research & treatments, medical providers use new tools. Healthcare enters in a new era through medical interaction between the patient and doctor.

Technology has Changed Healthcare:

Sometimes our elders think youth wasting their time on social media...

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