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Healthcare Meets Gaming Technology

Gaming in Healthcare IT industry has become a next biggest trend. With the advancement in digital technology, gaming in healthcare industry  aims to bridge a gap between entertainment, medicine, technology and education.As per research most of the Americans believe that gaming could potentially change the view of people towards healthcare. Through this  patients will seriously/ actively look over their heath and allows doctors to improve their medical training.

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Gaming and healthcare are correlated with each other and  grows more with the interactive technologies. Games for health are available in every form like a computer, mobile, video game console, online television, CD-ROM/ DVD etc...

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Top 5 Best Medical Apps for Android : Brief Description

In the medical field, medical apps have almost taken over every field with the technology advancement. Health care industry got boosted up day by day provides goods and services to treat patients with preventive and curative care. Today’s youth spend most of their time with their smartphones by continuously playing games and watching videos, adversely affects their health and increase obesity level . After seeing how healthcare transformed by technology , healthcare providers thought why not to develop some apps related to health. So they develop lots of health apps and upload them on google play store.

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There are hundreds of health apps available in the market which you can download easily from play store...

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6 Proven ways how Healthcare transformed by Technology

In Healthcare IT industry, the technology spread their wings in a great way.  The advancement in technology has brought a boom in the healthcare industry. To help patient immediately doctors usually prefer medical translation tools and mobile applications like “Save our Seniors ”  app for elders etc. To determine vital signs of a patient problem, their medical information etc uses portable devices. healthcare technology image

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To find innovative ways in health care research & treatments, medical providers use new tools. Healthcare enters in a new era through medical interaction between the patient and doctor.

Technology has Changed Healthcare:

Sometimes our elders think youth wasting their time on social media...

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Hospital Information System- HISTree Features

In Healthcare IT industry, Hospital Information system is an integrated information system used to manage the clinical, financial, legal issues and administrative aspects of a hospital. Today’s lots of companies who work in this domain will provide service of hospital information system to small, midsize or large hospitals at a large level.

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Hospital Information system Architecture:

In a client-server model, all types of hospital information system are supported for processing and networking. In a Public health territories, Enterprise HIS with internet architectures has been successfully deployed and designed to improve access to patient information through a central electronic information system...

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