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Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Industry: Trends & Applications

Big Data is generating a lot of hype in the healthcare industry. In this modern era, with the adoption of wearable technologies, e-health & mhealth technologies the volume of data get increased in healthcare IT. To reduce healthcare costs various hospitals, research laboratories, clinics etc are leveraging big data analytics. As per research, it is proven that big data in healthcare is used for enhancing the quality of patient care, curing diseases, predicting epidemics etc.

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With the emerging technologies, our healthcare system is improving day by day. In our previous articles, we explain AI changing healthcare, IoT, Augmented reality, cloud computing impact on healthcare, Virtual Reality, Medical robots, Nanorobot for cancer treatment, Hospital information system, laborato...

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How Mobile technology changes the future of Healthcare

Mobile health could lead to a paradigm shift in healthcare & prove to be an asset in enhancing patients knowledge & concerns about their health. It allows patient & their doctors to communicate with each other from any place & enables them to keep the track of their patient health. As per researchers, the mobile health market is expanding rapidly, and it is forecasted to reach $58.8 billion by 2020.

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In our previous articles, we explain Telemedicine, Internet of things, Artificial intelligence in healthcare, virtual reality in healthcare, Hospital information system, Augmented reality in healthcare, Nanorobots, Medical Robots in healthcare, laboratory information system, Types of Healthcare, healthcare transformed by technology etc in detail...

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Virtual Reality Technology Applications & its Uses in Healthcare Industry

In this era of digitised world, day by day technology spreads their wings in each & every field. In the healthcare IT, virtual reality technology creates a simulated environment & allows the user to interact with the 3d world. As we know reality comes by way of our senses, simply this technology is considered as a combination of sensory information & our brains sense-making mechanisms for that information. Nowadays medical professionals & scientists have been implementing & developing virtual reality in many ways that can help them diagnose, train & treat in critical situations.

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This technology really helps in changing the way of delivering care to patients. In our previous articles, we explain Augmented reality in healthcare,  EMR Vs EHR, EHR benefits, Nanorobots, Artific...

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Augmented Reality Technology in Medicine and its Uses

Augmented reality technology haze the line between the real world & physical world by enhancing what we feel, hear see etc. It pulls out the graphics out of the screen & integrating them into the real world environment. In the healthcare industry, it brought great enhancements used for various applications like minimally invasive surgery, pre-operation assessment, rehabilitation etc. According to the digi capital adviser, augmented reality is expected to grow up to a $90 billion industry by 2020.

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Pokemon go based on this technology is the best example of creativity that allows people to fight against obesity. In our previous articles, we explain virtual reality, artificial intelligence in healthcare, cloud computing, medical robots, healthcare meets gaming, hospital inform...

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Top 5 Medical Specialities that change the future of Healthcare in 2017

In this modern era, technology advancements create new medical specialities & treatment options. In the upcoming years, it’s gonna to brought a boom in the healthcare industry. Some say the technology would replace 70%-80% of doctors in future because machines will be more reliable, accurate & cheaper than doctors. But some agree with this fact & some not because for treating patients some medical practices are becoming more complex, it requires doctors help.

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In our previous article, we explain Medical robots, Wearables, Smart sensors, Hospital information system, healthcare transformed by technology, Laboratory information system, Telemedicine etc in detail. In this article, we are going to explain top medical specialities that change the future of healthcare in 2017 in d...

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DICOM Standard in Healthcare: Introduction and Services

DICOM i.e. Digital Imaging & communications in Medicine standard has been developed by National Electrical Manufacturers Association for handling imaging data. It is one of the most widely deployed healthcare messaging standards in the world specifies a digital imaging format, data interchange protocol etc. To communicate between systems this standard includes the application protocol that uses TCP/IP as a transport protocol.

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It enables the integration of various medical devices such as servers, workstations, network hardware, PACS etc varies from manufacturers to manufacturers.  In our previous articles, we explain Hospital information system, Medical Robots, Artificial intelligence benefits, cloud computing, Virtual reality, Telemedicine, laboratory information system e...

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How Medical Robots Takes place of Humans in Healthcare

In this new era of emerging technology, medical robots improve the quality of patient care causes a paradigm shift in healthcare. These robots aren’t new to the healthcare system, remember the da Vinci surgical system that conducts more than 20,000 surgeries & brought a boom in this field. In this advanced world, everything is going to be Hi-tech will stimulate the adoption of these robots to improve the quality of life for the elderly & disabled.

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Medical robots really attract the interest of all stakeholders of the healthcare industry. In our previous article, we explain Artificial intelligence in healthcare, PACS,HL7, Radiology, virtual reality in healthcare, smart sensors changes healthcare, benefits of hospital information system, laboratory information system etc in...

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Sepsis Definition and its Causes, Symptoms,Treatments [Guide]

Sepsis is a life-threatening disease kill 40,000 or more people in the UK. It may be caused by the body’s overwhelming response to a blood infection which may lead to injury or organ failure, increased metabolic rate, blood clotting etc. Depending upon the situation of an individual sepsis can attack anywhere either inside hospitals or outside hospitals. In our previous articles, we explain Dementia, cloud computing in healthcare, IoT, Wearables in Healthcare, Telemedicine, Remote Patient Monitoring, Artificial intelligence, Radiology in healthcare etc in detail.

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According to CDC ( Centres for disease control & Prevention), there are more than one million of cases of sepsis in America kills thousands of people each year. Let’s have a look at sepsis symptoms, causes, tre...

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Remote Patient Monitoring in Healthcare: Applications & Benefits

Remote patient monitoring system brings a boom in the healthcare market. It allows the healthcare provider to collect the medical & health data of an individual and transfers it to the clinical staff such as doctors,nurses etc. This system proves to be an asset for various stakeholders of the health care system for chronic disease management at remote locations. In our previous articles, we explain Telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, cloud computing, Iot in healthcare, Hospital information system, healthcare transformed by technology in detail. In this article, we explain patient monitoring system devices, applications etc in detail.

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Over 15 to 20 years, the use of remote monitoring system in conjunction with the electronic health record could save the heal...

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Top 5 Gamechanger Wearable devices in healthcare

With the emerging technology, wearable devices have greatly become the game changer in the healthcare field. Today’s internet of things makes healthcare smarter by integrating smart wearable medical devices to the internet and shows individual health in real time. In our previous articles, we explain sensors in healthcare, Radiology, PACS, Digital imaging in healthcare, Artificial intelligence changes healthcare, Emr description, Benefits of Hospital information system, Telemedicine in healthcare etc in detail. In this article, we are going to explain the top most smart wearable devices in healthcare in detail.

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Several decades ago in hospitals, all patients records are maintained manually but nowadays our smart minds have developed various software which removes the burde...

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