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Virtual Reality Technology Applications & its Uses in Healthcare Industry

In this era of digitised world, day by day technology spreads their wings in each & every field. In the healthcare IT, virtual reality technology creates a simulated environment & allows the user to interact with the 3d world. As we know reality comes by way of our senses, simply this technology is considered as a combination of sensory information & our brains sense-making mechanisms for that information. Nowadays medical professionals & scientists have been implementing & developing virtual reality in many ways that can help them diagnose, train & treat in critical situations.

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This technology really helps in changing the way of delivering care to patients. In our previous articles, we explain Augmented reality in healthcare,  EMR Vs EHR, EHR benefits, Nanorobots, Artific...

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How Virtual Reality change the Face of Healthcare

Virtual reality is a combination of both virtual & reality i.e. it refers to a specific type of reality emulation. It creates a sensory experience which can include hearing , smell, touch, and sight. In a virtual environment, each and every person have their own opinions after experiencing virtual reality. In our previous articles, we explain how artificial intelligence changing healthcare, Healthcare types, Healthcare transformed by technology etc.

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Virtual reality slowly came into existence in every field like in games, healthcare etc and prove to be very efficient. Generally, it tracks the user motions especially his head or eye movements and adjusts the image on the user display to reflect the change. In this article, we are going to explain Virtual reality in healthcar...

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