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Top 5 Gamechanger Wearable devices in healthcare

With the emerging technology, wearable devices have greatly become the game changer in the healthcare field. Today’s internet of things makes healthcare smarter by integrating smart wearable medical devices to the internet and shows individual health in real time. In our previous articles, we explain sensors in healthcare, Radiology, PACS, Digital imaging in healthcare, Artificial intelligence changes healthcare, Emr description, Benefits of Hospital information system, Telemedicine in healthcare etc in detail. In this article, we are going to explain the top most smart wearable devices in healthcare in detail.

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Several decades ago in hospitals, all patients records are maintained manually but nowadays our smart minds have developed various software which removes the burden of the human being and manage all departments of hospital record automatically. The medical wearable technology market in the healthcare field is growing day by day with more advancements.

Top best wearable devices:

In the market different types of fitness wearables are available for different purposes. Sometimes we got confuse which one prefers, so here we come with a top list of best wearable with their use are describe below.

(i) Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor:

Hypertension is one of the chronic problem generally found in majority throughout the world.To manage or control high or low blood pressure, various patients and clinicians use blood pressure monitors to check level anytime at any place. In the market, one of the most demandable connected device available is Withings wireless blood pressure monitor.  It comprises of an app connecting through Bluetooth to the blood pressure monitor itself. It measures individual blood pressure, heart rate & counts the steps you take weekly. Additionally,  it takes three measurements simultaneously & reports the average result with the medical recommendation. It also alerts the patients about their medication.

(ii) Quell Relief:

In today’s hectic schedule, we all are busy in our work either sitting  in front of computers or  travel whole day for business. In the evening, the majority of us got suffers from knee pain. To get relief from pain, various devices come into the market. One of the smart pain relief wearable device is Quell relief that takes the functionality of knee braces to the next level. It is Bluetooth compatible and helps the patient to get relief from knee defects & problems. It has inbuilt sensors that collect the data of the patient & access this data via the app. Additionally, to smoother painful muscular spasms associated with knee ailments, it comprises of pain relief button feature.

(iii) Heart Monitor:

You know your heart beats around 100,000 times per day, its each beat is very precious for us. It’s our responsibility to keep our heart healthy to remain fit. Nowadays we can easily track, access, analyse our heart health & can predict a heart attack. One of the devices used for this is AliveCorr Heart monitor, a tiny & slim device. Its app comprises of three main section: ECG recording, collected data &  educational portion. It easily detects the early symptoms of heart attack and aware the physician or patient to take care of it.

(iv) Google Smart Contact Lenses:

In almost every field, google spreads their wings in every direction, then how it remain back in the healthcare field. It brings a great wearable device known as the contact lens in the market, which became the first choice of an individual. These lenses are specially designed for diabetes patients who wear glasses to measure their glucose level. Google made this product after a partnership with a Swiss-based pharmaceutical company. These lenses measure glucose level through tears fluidal composition and display or analyse data through the app.

(v) Stress Relief Monitor:

Stress is one the biggest enemy of an individual which adversely affects the health. It may lead to various problems like diabetes, headaches, obesity, heart disease, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, asthma etc. One of the main therapy to get rid of stress is to remain happy and do each & everything calmly. In the market, various wearable devices come which detects your stress level. PIP, a tiny device give immediate feedback about your stress levels. In the case of high-stress levels, its app connected describes you how to reduce stress by transforming a depressing scene into happy one. To measure the skin conductivity, hold the PIP device between the thumb & index fingers for several minutes. The longer you can keep stress low, the faster the scene changes.

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