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Top 5 Medical Technologies changes the Future of Healthcare

Medical Technology and the latest advances in the medical field really raise the standard of healthcare. There are lots of great things are going worldwide in medicine & health care to deliver faster, cheaper, more efficient patient care . In our previous articles, we explain hospital information system benefits, virtual reality in healthcare, laboratory information system, Remote patient monitoring, Wearables, the doctor-patient relationship, EHR, Emr description etc in detail. Here we are going to explain Top medical technology advances that change the face of healthcare in detail.

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Nowadays with the emerging technology, patients get affordable & efficient care anywhere anytime they want. Whenever we search the internet, we saw lots of new advances in the medical field. Here we explain some of the interesting & incredible top most medical technologies which greatly change the face of healthcare in future.

Best Medical Technologies in Healthcare:

In this era of development, technology is giving more power in the hands of patients & help physicians to combat disorders by harnessing the body’s own ability to grow & heal. Let’s have a look at following of the modern technology in medicine.

(i) Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays health care industry going to be more advanced with the new upcoming latest medical technology. Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence exhibits by the machines to reduce the risks of false diagnoses. Day by day big companies trying to do something creative in healthcare IT field like IBM supercomputers named Watson read 40 million documents in 15 seconds, suggests most fitting therapies & reduces the cost of medicine development.

(ii) Brain Damage Repair using PoNS

A brain is the most precious & delicate organ of our body if it not works properly our body will not respond to anything accurately. People who suffer from any brain injury could reliable on their families & doctors for their whole life. To restore the lost memory of people who suffers from traumatic brain injury, researchers at the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command are leveraging the power of tiny nerves. To repair the nerves of the brain that are damaged, device namely PoNS, a battery operated device placed on the tongue that sends specially patterned nerve pulses to a patient brain and treat them.

(iii) Sensors & Wearables

In healthcare, sensors & wearables really play a vital role in early detecting & preventing the patient problem. Our hectic schedule made us more lazy & careless resulting in life-threatening disease. Sensors help in analysing the patient activity and show results on the basis of their activities like checks blood glucose levels, predicts heart attack etc. These sensors & wearables enable patient to measure any health parameter at home & transmitting the data to cloud & sending alerts to healthcare providers.

(iv) Medical 3D Printing

Every industry day by day brought new enhancements then why healthcare industry remains backwards. Medical 3D printers technology in the medical field play a key role in regenerative medicine to create tissues with heart valves,synthetic skin, bone, blood vessels etc. These medical 3d printers manufacture & print lots of medical devices with complex geometry that matches a patient unique anatomy. In the market available 3d printed medical devices are external prostheses (hands), Implants ( cranial plates or hip joints) etc.

(v) Healthcare Meets Gaming

Gaming in healthcare has become the next biggest trend in improving the patient health & decreasing the cost of delivering healthcare. Sometimes, to get relief from stress & tension, doctors recommend playing games to get recover fastly. A combination of games & fun into healthcare apps can encourage & motivate patients directly or indirectly & helps them to come out of their trauma. Pokemon Go game is the best example of creativity which proves to be an asset for an individual to fight against obesity.

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