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Types of Medical Robots in healthcare

With the emerging technology, medical robots really change the face of healthcare. To improve the day to day life of patients like helping them to regain her/his ability to walk, helping them to eat etc, lots of robots in the medical field came into existence. In our previous articles, we explain Nanorobots & its applications, Medical Specialities, Augmented reality in medicine, Artificial intelligence benefits in healthcare, Hospital information system, Telemedicine, Remote patient monitoring, Laboratory Information system etc in detail.

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Robotics systems are more responsive to real-time human control than about autonomous operation. These robots really transform the field of medicine across the world from robot therapists to robotic pharmacists, radiation treatment to eye surgery etc. In this article, we are going to explain different types of Medical robots in healthcare in detail.

Types of Medical Robots in Healthcare: 

In the healthcare industry, medical robots play a vital role in performing complex tasks that require brief attention to every detail because one wrong move may lead to death. These robots not only exist in sci-fi movies & the distant future but also comes in the healthcare field.  In the market in distant field lots of robots are available, varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Let’s have a look at following types of medical robots.


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Biorobots is known as the group of the robots specifically designed to imitate the cognition of animals & humans. These robots can be used to train surgeons & dentists using a virtual environment, helps in enhancing the speed of learning process. Devices based on bio-robotics technologies is used to measure the state of the disease, offer interactive training experience or track the progress that can speed recovery from stroke or an injury. These biologically inspired robots have greater flexibility & mobility than traditional robots & even possess sensory abilities.

Telepresence Robots:

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In this modern era of technology, telepresence robots are used to allow off-site medical professionals to communicate, look around, participate, move from remote locations to provide quality care to patients. To provide audio & video capabilities, these robots uses a tablet & typically known as remote controlled, a wheeled device with wireless internet connectivity. These are commonly used for healthcare providers, consultants, as factory inspectors, tour guides etc & can easily interact with individual patients or students etc. Not in healthcare field even in business, these robots can help an employee to physically present in the office in case of emergency or disability.

Surgical Robots:

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With the advancement in technology, these robots really change the face of healthcare. It either allows surgical operations to be carried out with greater precision compared to the human surgeon or allow remote surgery where the physician is not present physically with the patient. While performing critical tasks or operations like open heart surgery, removal of fibroids, joint replacements, kidney surgeries etc, these robots prove to be an asset in the medical field. The main reason behind using these robots in medicine is to provide great diagnostic abilities, to do more precise interventions, more comfortable experience for the patient etc. The Da Vinci surgical system & Zeus robotic surgical system has been cleared by the FDA to assist surgeons.

UV Disinfection Robots:

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With ultraviolet light technology, these robots disinfect the specific area within a minutes and make it free of viruses, bacteria etc. These robots move anywhere inside the room & target a predefined area that you wish to disinfect. With the help of ultraviolet lamps, it zaps the nucleic acid within the bacteria & disrupts their DNA and make it impossible for them to reproduce again. For healthcare & production sector it has been considered as the flexible & user-friendly disinfection tool. These are very cost efficient and kills 99% of bacteria within ten minutes of exposure.

Rehabilitation Robots:

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Rehabilitation robot is an automatically operated machine supports the lives of elderly people and improve movement in persons with disinfection of body part. There are two main of rehabilitation robots; one is therapy robot known as rehabilitator and other is the assistive robot that acts as a substitute of lost limb movements. Other types of these robots play a vital role in assisting the nervous system to regenerate the appropriate neural connections.

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