Trio Tree Technologies India, a global provider of industry-specific healthcare software to promote business growth, have launched a brand new partner programme in its Asia Pacific & African regions.

Designed to further accelerate international growth and support the company's health care ITsolutions, Trio Tree launches innovative new programme which gives partners benefits that focus on the value they bring to both businesses.

Trio Tree Technologies are also recruiting new partners across theAfrica, GCC, SOUTH ASIA and South EastAsia. The recruitment will focus on broadening the company's experience in niche/specialist verticals as well as key technology areas such as the HIMS, LIS, EMR and RIS Etc.

"We recognize that the world is changing at rapid pace and we need to continue to evolve our channel strategy in order to better serve our customers and enable them to focus on growing their business.

"We now offer an innovative style of programme that is tailored to the needs of our international partners, rather than the traditional tiered programmes with stepped reward systems that have not changed in the last 10 years. The program is based on the latest channel industry best practices that will reward our partners for adding value, growing their business and thereby helping to grow ours. This will not only help us future-proof our channel but it will also give partners access to great benefits beyond just margins."

"We have been an international partner who offers a complete range of services from business consulting, solution architecting, through project management, implementation and support on HISTree (HIMS) and other Healthcare IT products & services from Trio Tree Technologies India. We use the channel programme extensively and I am happy to say that it has been a key differentiator and instrumental to our continued business growth. The new programme is well orchestrated, with detailed phases for initiation, collaboration and expansion. This will help all partners enhance their capabilities, work closer together with Trio Tree Technologies India and expand on their existing business. The healthcare market is ripe with opportunities and if resellers want to take part in that growth they need to partner with the right vendor, such as TRIO TREE TECHNOLOGIES INDIA (P) LTD.

The comprehensive new program includes, for example:
•     Structured and tailored on-boarding process to help new partners get up to speed quickly.
•     Range of training and certification streams, online and offline to cater for different learning preferences.
•     Demand generation support for both digital and more traditional marketing tactics based on joint business plans
•     Internal channel support with dedicated channel managers for each region
•     Rewards based on three value pillars, financial, functional and technical, rather than solely on Revenue.

Three paths of engagement—referral, authorization and certification—based on the partner's expertise, knowledge and readiness to grow their business

"We view partners as a direct extension of theTrio Tree Technologies business and our focus is therefore on recruiting the right type of partners.” It’s all about quality, not quantity, and our partners have protected areas of expertise so that they are not in direct competition with our internal sales or consulting teams."

We are now looking for partners that can help us extend our ecosystem geographically, vertically and by adding additional technical expertise such as is required in the cloud space. These could be partners that sell competing products, looking to add a different revenue stream to their business, or those who can sell healthcare solutions but don't necessarily want to get involved in the deep technical aspects. This approach supports our goal to help partners grow their business alongside us.