About TrioTree

Our vision is to revolutionize the quality and efficiency of everyday patient experiences with the convergence of healthcare

THE TREE - TrioTree

THE TREE represents the growing state of the company - A strong organic growth.

THE TRUNK - TrioTree

THE TRUNK the fusion of three unique identities joining in a triple helix, uniting towards a single foliage. The identities being very different in character - strong and vibrant on their own.


THE FOLIAGE represents the united energy. The bubbles - new ideas expanding, taking shape.


OUR SPIRIT- United, Strong, Ideating...





Redefining quality improvement in healthcare organizations worldwide

Indian Express Healthcare IT Award 2016 (EMR Adoption)

IMC Award (2017) – Patient portal

JCI & NABH Accredited Clientele

Top 100 Healthcare Leaders Award - IFAH 2019

An ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 Certified Company

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TrioTree Certificate
TrioTree Certificate
TrioTree Certificate
TrioTree Certificate
TrioTree Certificate


Dr Divye Chhabra TrioTree
Dr Divye Chhabra
Chief Client Relationship

A gold medallist, MD from MAMC, more an IT enthusiast, than a medico. Ran his own lab, with his own coded software, until he joined Max Healthcare as Chief Transformation officer for the pioneering Implementation of EMR that India was about to witness.

Surjeet Thakur TrioTree
Surjeet Thakur
Chief Cheerleader

The passion for healthcare IT began nonchalantly but ardently. A poet, a cricketer, an orator and above all a solution provider, Surjeet jumped into hospital IT leading digital transformations in hospitals globally.

Akanksha Rajeev TrioTree
Akanksha Rajeev
Chief Innovation Officer

For her, it was “been there done that, so what’s new?” – having worked at the leading global healthcare IT companies like Cerner, Siemens, Dell, United Health Group, decided it was time to revamp the health technology scenario with an innovative product


Abhishek Srivastava TrioTree
Abhishek Srivastava
Technology Owner

If there is an issue, I will fix it. With the above motto, the technical hat with healthcare domain is the most potent combo. MCA with 16+ years’ experience is a real “go getter” and one of the early technology adopters as well. Heading the technology development for all platforms of web and mobility

Naresh Rana TrioTree
Naresh Rana
Product Owner

Naresh Singh Rana, Product Owner of Trio Tree Technologies, has over 16+ years of experience in Healthcare product development and understands the domain completely. He leads the Implementation team by keeping a hawk-eye view on details and timelines. His technical background is an asset which makes him creative, out of box thinker, efficient, result oriented, persistent.

Our Advisors

Amrinder Singh TrioTree
Amrinder Singh

Amrinder Singh is an Advisor at TrioTree and serves on the company's Board of Directors. He has spent more than 18 years working in IT industry in various leadership roles. He has 14 years previous experience working in senior positions in UK healthcare market. Amrinder has delivered complex IT programs on time and within budget to improve patient outcomes and operational efficiencies. Amrinder had strong leadership and senior stakeholder management capabilities and is able to help clients to achieve their organizational goals.

Keerti Bhusan Pradhan TrioTree
Keerti Bhusan Pradhan

Keerti Bhusan Pradhan a Healthcare management professional with a masters in healthcare mgt from TISS Mumbai is an Innovative strategist. His 25 yrs experience in health sector is in improving healthcare service delivery models in cost effective way and with self sustainability.

Sastry Srinivas TrioTree
Sastry Srinivas

Sastry Srinivasa has around 16 years of experience in Healthcare IT of which he has spent last 13 years working on various healthcare IT programmes in the U.K. He has a proven track record of leading numerous technical teams in delivering complex healthcare IT programmes under tight budgets and stringent timescales. As a certified HL7 specialist, Sastry provides subject matter expertise to TrioTree in Systems Integration.

Kaushik Samanta TrioTree
Kaushik Samanta

Kaushik has over 18 years of IT and change programme experience in healthcare, insurance, banking and spatial applications business areas for private and public sector. After graduating in architecture from BIT Mesra in 1999 he worked as an architect before moving on to the IT sector. Having gained experience in IT & development with leading Indian IT consultancies, Kaushik moved to London in 2005 to work on healthcare projects. He is in Advisory Board in TrioTree Technologies.


Decades of Experience In The Healthcare Domain

We aspire to provide you with the best support in the industry to manage your processes and workflows effortlessly. Our inhouse lab technicians, doctors, nurses and pharmacists, being healthcare experts themselves, completely understand and relate to the everyday glitches that a healthcare provider might face while interacting with patients.

Decades of Experience In The Healthcare Domain - TrioTree

Drive High-Quality, Cost-effective & Patient-Centric Care

Our healthcare solutions are directed towards the best satisfaction of the healthcare provider. We strive for client satisfaction, confidentiality, cost-effectiveness and financial results in the volatile healthcare space. Scale your operations to multiple locations/ centers hassle-free with our world-class products and services. Learn More

Drive High-Quality, Cost-effective & Patient-Centric Care - TrioTree

We promise trust, commitment & global standards in all our healthcare innovations

Expertise - TrioTree

TrioTree Technologies has a brilliant team of doctors, nurses & engineers who have global experience in healthcare product designing & deployment

Experience - TrioTree

Our practitioners' & technicians' vast experiences in the healthcare domain helped engineer our success.

World-class solutions - TrioTree
World-class solutions

The team continues to conceptualise, design and deploy a variety of large-scale systems for the healthcare industry to streamline business operations and to create a framework for clinical and strategic decision making.