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An Enterprise Hospital
Information System

Custom/Individual module also available
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Hospital Information System - Triotree

HISTree Modules

Front Office & Appointment Management

Emergency Management

Physicians- EMR

RIS & Diagnostics Management

Pharmacy Management System

Inventory & General Stores Management System

Kitchen & Diet Management

Transfusion Medicine - Blood Bank

ADT- Admissions, Transfer & Discharge

OPD Management

IPD Management

Asset Management

MRD- Medical Record Department

Doctors Accounting

Day Care Management

Template Designer

ICU Management

OT Management - operation theatre

Nursing Management

Housekeeping & Linen Management

Package & Plans Management System

Accounts Recievables Management

Queue Management System

Discharge Summary Managament

Document Management System

Rehabilitation Management

Reduce TAT & higher OPD

Enter & Organize Clinical Information

Synchronize Initial and nal assessment of patients along with the treatment plan

Capture clinical details on a single screen

Accurate diagnosis & dened treatment procedure


Comprehensive Lab Information Management System to manage end to end Clinical Lab operations with faster TAT, improved efficiency and reduced errors.

LISTree Modules

Front Office & Billing
Sample collection management
Central Lab Management
Transfusion Medicine Management
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Lab Information System - Triotree

End to end automation with audit trail

Reduced Test TAT

Workload and Management Reports

Seamless Lab Equipment Integration


TrioTree Technologies Clinic Management System is an integrated information system for managing all aspects of a medical clinic's operations including administrative, clinical and back office functions. EMR, business intelligence, and revenue cycle management are some of the key aspects of AmbulaTree.

AmbulaTree Modules

Front Office & Appointment Management
Queue Management System
Physicians- EMR
Day Care management
OP Package & Plans Management System
Pharmacy & Inventory Management
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AmbulaTree - Triotree

Mobile Apps

TrioTree technologies Mobile apps allow providers to effectively streamline communication between patients, providers, and their caregivers and allows for 24/7 management of a patient's condition along with the ability to personalize healthcare patientwise.

Mobile Modules

Mobi-HISTree - Triotree   Mobi-HISTree
Patient Portal - Triotree   Patient Portal
F&B/ Diet - Triotree   F&B/ Diet
FeedbackTree - Triotree   FeedbackTree
AudiTree - Triotree   AudiTree
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Mobile Apps - Triotree


TrioTree Technologies dashboards is a modern analytics & BI tool to monitor healthcare KPIs in a dynamic and interactive way for strategy analysis and execution, performance reviews, performance improvement and Data Insights

Dashboard Modules

Operations Dashboard (For Operations Head/COO/CEO)
Finance Dashboard (For Finance Managers/ CFO)
Audit Dashboard (For Quality Champion/Clinical Auditors)
Inventory Dashboard (For Store Managers/SCM Heads)
Clinical Dashboard (For Medical Directors/Clinical Researchers)
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Dashboards - Triotree

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs related to HISTree

HISTree is a seamlessly integrated Hospital Information System along with comprehensive Clinical record capturing solution to create patient longitudinal EMR/EHR. The application application which automates and integrates a Hospital’s entire business process, catering to specific Administrative, Support, Clinical and Financial departments in the Hospital
The HISTree application is a multitier architecture (User Interface, Application and Database). This architecture is an ideal choice for a distributed environment that is required for a typical Hospital Management System. The architectural goals in consideration are meant to provide the following added advantages to the application: • Highly Appealing Rich Graphical User Interface, Browser Running Capability and Reliability • Robustness and Security of WCF Architecture for Distributed Architecture
HISTree is designed using pure .Net technologies, HTML, CSS and Javascript as front end and the Windows Communication Framework (WCF) for the distributed architecture business process layer and SQL Server as the backend.
HISTree supports SQLServer 2014 and above
HISTree is a completely integrated web based application that can be accessed using a browser over the web. We also have plethora of mobility solutions for patients, doctors, nurses, dietician, feedback, audit etc.
Yes, HISTree supports multiple facilities deployment on the same platform. We have multiple clients for the same.
Yes, HISTree supports all 3 types of deployment i.e., on premise, on private cloud as multiple facilities deployment on the same platform. We have multiple clients for the same.
HISTree is fully compliant with the WHO standard ICD 10 coding for doctor’s diagnosis. Doctors can record their diagnosis based on ICD 10 code and has the provision to search by ICD ‘CODE or description. We also have clinical dashboard to facilitate the doctors do the clinical research and population health by slicing/dicing the data based on gender, age, specialty, marital status etc.
We have developed messages using HL7 messaging protocol, DICOM will be part of the PACS integration.
The HISTree software has been integrated with 3rd party SMS, Payment Gateway, Email, Lab euipments, ICU Monitors etc
Still have a question? Reach out to us: info@triotree.com